Cartoner a Perfect Match for Bottles

One of Serpa Packaging’s specialties is bottles, vials and ampules of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about the versatility and flexibility of our P100 Balcony Cartoner for your beverage packaging requirements.

Our Solution

The P100 Balcony Cartoner is the perfect machine for any project that includes bottles. It offers unmatched versatility, easy maintenance, rapid, repeatable changeovers and robust construction. It allows us the flexibility to carton many different sized bottles on one machine with very few change parts.

The P100 has been very successful with round and oval shaped bottles running at speeds up to 350 cartons per minute. Leaflets can be added flat in the bucket or “U” shaped around the bottle’s cap during loading. Our bucket gripper ensures that the leaflets will be perfectly placed into the carton time after time.

We have developed a bottle collation system that is flexible enough to handle many different sized bottles. This modular collator was designed specifically for use with a leaflet feeder. Bottles are indexed into the cartoner with a timing screw system and gently laid down into the horizontal position for loading. Bar code reading is available as well as UV sensing or visual inspection.


  • P100 Balcony Cartoner
  • Color Touchscreen Interface
  • Hot Glue & Reverse Tuck Closing
  • Soft Reject for Non-Loaded Bottles
  • Timing Screw Bottle Infeed System
  • Validation Made Easy


  • Custom Collation System
  • Leaflet Feeder
  • “U” Fold Leaflet Assembly
  • Deboss Coder
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Vision System

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