Turnkey Integrated Packaging Systems from Start to Finish

We refer to our integrated packaging systems as true integration. While we design turnkey integrated packaging lines from start to finish, we also collaborate with companies that you may have contracted with to supply specialized machines. We'll oversee everything as your sole point of contact for the project's entire duration.

Pharmaceutical Bottling Line

Click on any number in the plant layout below to identify the machine in the packaging line and see it in action.

Solving Your Toughest Packaging Challenges

98% Uptime Guarantee

Serpa packaging machines give you the best uptime, guaranteed.

15-Minute Changeover

Minimal changeover time helps you accelerate throughput.

24/7 Service

Support is available any day, any time.

Easy Maintenance

Easy to maintain so you can maximize uptime & efficiency.


Engineered for ease of use, and fewer headaches.

Top Quality

In-house manufacturing means greater quality control.

Integration That’s 100% Sourced and Managed Through Serpa

Our true integration approach to integrated packaging systems is entirely sourced and managed through Serpa. We don’t just deliver a line of packaging machines to our customers and expect them to figure everything out on their own.

If or when certain types of auxiliary equipment are required — like magnetic conveyors or special transfers — we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our integrated packaging system works and appears as one seamless operation.

And if you have contracts or needs for particular machines and/or suppliers that are already in place, we’ll work with and around your existing configuration while taking on the entire project.

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