Monitoring Consumer Trends to Produce the Best Solutions in Household Product Packaging

Increasing Internet penetration and the explosive use of smart phones continue to make a direct impact on household product packaging. That’s why Serpa continually monitors consumer trends in this industry to make sure we’re designing the right products for our customers.

Household Packaging Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Visit any big box store, supermarket or drugstore, and you’ll find a seemingly endless array of household product packaging approaches and designs. Chances are, whatever you see, we’ve provided end-of-line packaging machines for those types of packages or something very similar.

Flexible Designs

Our packaging equipment incorporates flexible designs that can accommodate multiple household product sizes.

Easy Access & Rapid Changeovers

Serpa’s packaging equipment is designed for easy access, maintenance-friendly operation and offers rapid verified and automatic changeovers.

Guaranteed Uptime

Our 98% uptime guarantee ensures that your household products packaging line will consistently and efficiently operate at peak performance.

Engineered and Designed for Fast and Easy Changeovers

Changeover points, like on our 2000WA Sleever, are located on the operator side for fast and easy changeovers in as little as 15 minutes.

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Customer Testimonial

“Our operators and mechanics were impressed with the technical abilities of your staff who conducted the training and demonstration of our new Serpa equipment at your plant. The level of TPM understanding and design were very apparent, impressive, and very much appreciated by all.”

Principal Engineer, Unilever HPCNA

Household Goods Clients

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