End-of-Line Packaging Doesn’t Necessarily End Here

At Serpa, no matter the industry, we have a passion for packaging ever since we started 35 years ago. We thrive on creating innovative approaches and solutions. We’re also flexible and open enough to take on the unique challenges that virtually any industry can send our way.

Don’t Hesitate to Bring Us Your Best Challenges

Even if your industry doesn’t necessarily fall into the specific industry categories found here, we want to learn more. Whether you’re involved with industrial or tobacco products, we’re ready and excited to explore all of your end-of-line packaging needs.

Rapid Changeover

Minimizing how long it takes for changeovers from various sizes helps your packaging line maximize throughput while reducing the costs of excessive downtime.

Leaflet Feeding

High-speed leaflet feeding for coupons, literature or other inserts provides additional product sales and marketing capabilities to your packaging line.

Guaranteed Uptime

Our 98% uptime guarantee ensures that whatever your packaging line is handling consistently and efficiently operate at peak performance.

High-Speed Insert Feeding Issues Solved

Serpa’s industry-leading high-speed insert feeding system features a patent pending design that solves all of the major insert feeding issues in the industry.

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Customer Testimonial

“During the development of each of our machines, Serpa was very receptive to our needs. They listened to my requirements and ideas and worked hard to make the machines tailored to the Swisher product.”

VP of Machinery Development and Applications, Swisher International, Inc.

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