Collator Occupies Minimal Floor Space

A custom solution for an international healthcare company required a collation system that would occupy a minimal amount of floor space. Serpa met the challenge with a machine that will also accommodate different products without needing to retrofit the entire machine

The Challenge

An international healthcare company needed a custom solution to package many different sized bundles with several pack patterns into six different sized cases. They wanted to accomplish all of this on one casepacker. If we could provide the solution, they would replace all of the casepackers in their facility.

Our Solution

The P200 Balcony Casepacker was the ideal machine for this project. It offers unmatched versatility, easy maintenance, rapid repeatable changeovers and robust construction. No other company in the industry could satisfy all of the project requirements with one casepacker.

We developed a custom collator for this application that included a stacker and two different turrets to achieve the desired pack patterns. The collator was designed to take up the minimum amount of floor space and give them the flexibility to add different products, cases and pack patterns in the future without any retrofitting to the machine. In the end, the collator did not take up any more floor space than our standard collation system.

The bundles of product entered the infeed conveyor with the fin seal trailing and laying on its side. Depending on what product was being run and the pack orientation, product may need to be bump turned. Product entered the collator and, depending on the pack pattern, was stacked, rotated and/or upended then gently loaded into the erected case. The flaps were closed and sealed using pressure sensitive tape.


  • P200 Balcony Cartoner
  • Color Touchscreen Interface
  • Bump Turn Infeed
  • Custom Collation System
  • Product Upstacker
  • Stack Rotating Turret
  • Tape Case Sealing
  • Case Upender
  • Validation Made Easy


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