ModPack™ Semi-automatic Case Packer

The ModPack™ Semi-automatic Case Packer features a modular design that is easily customizable to fit any project needs whether or not the project requires serialized case aggregation. The operator just erects a case and inserts it into the machine and the ModPack™ does the rest of the work. The ModPack™ is ideally suited for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical device and personal care applications with fall-through construction that meets all sanitary and FDA validation requirements.

Modular Design

The ModPack™ Semi-automatic Case Packer includes predesigned modules for product printing and verification, collation, aggregation, case labeling and verification, and case sealing. It is compatible with all serialization systems and providers and is available with a short delivery to complete your serialization line.

Proven Performance

Our proven 2-axis pick and place assembly with either a vacuum or gripper pick head with quick-change tooling provides precision product handling. Our quick change-out heads make this machine as flexible as it is durable. Our product load funnel ensures accurate loading of product into the case. Digital gauges and scales with pointers allow for a quick, no-tool changeover in as little as 5 minutes. Like all Serpa machines, the ModPack™ is user friendly and low maintenance.

  • Modular Design – flexible to meet project requirements
  • Most Compact Footprint
  • Collator Designed for Bottles, Cartons & Bundles
  • 2-axis Pick & Place Loader
  • Vacuum or Gripper Pick Head with Quick Change Tooling
  • Compatible with All Serialization Systems
  • Fast and Accurate Changeover – less than 5 minutes
  • Low Maintenance – easy access to all components provides for easy maintenance
  • User Friendly – fewer parts to time in
  • Hot Glue or Tape Sealing
  • Validation Made Easy

Case Range

(Larger Ranges Available)

Minimum (Inches)6"5"4"
Minimum (Metric)152.4mm127mm101.6mm

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